At Market 7, we follow a rigid tried and tested Marketing Strategy to ensure we can deliver our promises to our clients.

Developing this strategy over several years has allowed us to embrace new methodologies and take on board different approaches, combining these with our own experience to ensure we can remain true to ourselves while delivering for our customers.

Our strategy includes:

Offline Marketing

A process which allows us to get up close and personal with each client to better understand their own direction and to help us understand their journey so we can best serve their requirements. Who doesn’t enjoy a coffee and a catch-up? Market 7 likes to combine our offline marketing with a relaxed atmosphere, in comfortable surroundings, somewhere we can get closer to the vision of our clients. We feel we are better able to work with our clients if we understand their mission and both long-term and short-term goals. This is a two-way strategy and we also aim to show our clients just what Market 7 is all about, it’s a mutually beneficial process for sure.

Competitor Analysis

A vital stage of our process and the significance of this stage is often overlooked by many. We challenge our clients to address this initially as often they are best placed to identify who is providing a similar service or product range. We then analyse these competitors to establish where they are outperforming our clients and target our strategy to compete more effectively with them. This can be a lengthy process, especially if there are many competitors which is why our clients’ USP is so critical, allowing us to focus on what and why. Remember the bear from the SEO Sevens?

Online Marketing

There is little point in operating in an online environment if you do not engage with online marketing strategies. Market 7 is fully engaged with social media platforms and uses our expertise to ensure our clients are promoted with optimised and meaningful content, driving traffic and enlarging the online footprint of our clients. There is no easy way, no shortcut to take in order to achieve good online marketing. Each campaign is planned and thought out, analysed, tweaked then reviewed before being deployed to ensure maximum impact and visibility.