Market 7 was created for the sole purpose of providing a no-nonsense solution to any individual or business looking to get the most out of their web presence.

By implementing structured techniques and processes, we work with our clients to ensure that there are agreed and understood strategies to enhance new and existing websites and online businesses.

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, we can optimise your content, structure, landing pages and set up and manage your social media campaigns. Market 7 will analyse your site page by page and structure a specific get well plan which will improve your business image and start making your website work for your business.

Have you considered why you wish to have your website optimised? For many businesses there is a consensus that optimisation is a vital part of any web presence, this is not wrong but because web optimisation covers a huge area, there can often be opportunities missed which is why a structured optimisation plan is vital.

Your plan will provide:

* Focus.

* Objectives.

* Milestones.

* Reflection.

* Ongoing Optimisation Strategies.

It is vital to remember that optimisation is not a single task, it is not something you need to do once. Optimisation is a necessary part of every business website and as such must remain in focus for your business and something this important needs to be maintained.

We make no empty promises, what we agree is what we deliver.